President Job Description: Responsible for coordinating the work of officers, committee chairs and committees in order that the purposes of PTA may be promoted.  To email the president click  here.
VP of Programs   Job Description: This job is responsible for selecting and scheduling programs that give back to the community and Camacho students & families. These programs should be focused on promoting the PTA purposes. Examples which fall under this are: Clothes & Book Drives, Family Fun Nights, Red Ribbon Week, Reflections Art Program, Anti-Bullying, Parenting and Media Awareness lectures, Coordinating Lost & Found, Movie Nights, Science Night, the Watchdogs program and much more. To email the VP of programs click here.

VP of Membership  Job Description: This job to organize the association’s membership, report and remit dues to Texas PTA, plan recruiting drives and implement member retention practices. To email the VP of membership click here.

VP of Fundraising  Job Description: The fundraising chair is responsible for selecting fundraising projects that provide funds for the PTA's planned activities. These activities should be focused on promoting the PTA purposes. Examples of fundraisers we’ve done are: Book Fairs, Write-A-Check Campaign, Winter Festival & a Yankee Candle fundraiser. To email the VP of fundraising click here.

Treasurer  Job Description: Responsible for presenting financial report at meetings, maintain books of account and records, make disbursements in accordance with budget, complete and file necessary tax & insurance forms as well as TX PTA forms. To email the treasurer click here.

Secretary   Job Description:  The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of the proceedings of the association. This position will record in the minutes all business transacted at each meeting, notifies board members, as requested, to remind them of the meetings, assist the president in determining a quorum and maintain a roll call record, prepares a draft of the minutes for each meeting within two to five days of the meeting, and act as corresponding secretary, reading communications at meetings and writing thank you notes, etc. To email the secretary click here.

Volunteer Coordinator / my-pta website  Job Description:  The focus of the Volunteer Coordinator is to promote good relations between school and community and to determine and implement the best methods for recruiting volunteers to meet the needs of the school. You will become knowledgeable about the volunteer guidelines set by the school district, survey teachers and staff regarding volunteer needs in the school, survey potential volunteers to learn about their talents, interests and skills, hold a volunteer orientation meeting, recruit volunteers throughout the year and evaluate volunteer program success after each event. You will create volunteer sign-ups and send emails to recruit helpers.  To email the volunteer coordinator click here.
Parliamentarian Job Description: The Parliamentarian advises the president and other officers, executive board members, and members of the PTA on matters of parliamentary procedure. Parliamentarians serve as a consultant, especially in a meeting, where only the chair has the authority to rule on questions of order or to answer parliamentary inquiries. You will advise the president on points of parliamentary procedure but will not make motions, debate or vote. To email the parliamentarian click here.
Staff Appreciation Chair  Job Description: Responsible to find ways to say "thank you" to Camacho teachers/staff at end of each grading period and during teacher appreciation week in May. There is a budget and you will work with Volunteer Coordinator to get food donations from parents.

Reflections Chair  Job Description:  Organize and facilitate participation in Texas PTA artistic program, Reflections.

Environmental Chair  Job Description: Texas PTA promotes environmental awareness initiatives that unite parents, students, teachers and campus administrators in an effort to protect children and their environment.

Healthy Lifestyles Chair Job Description: Establishing a healthy lifestyles committee on your board, providing access to training and resources and addressing the critical nutrition and physical activity needs of Texas children and their families. Implementing fun and new ways to promote Healthy Living – such as the Eat The Alphabet campaign and My Lunch Rocks! Program.