My name is Brandon Lewin, and I'm happy to be volunteering as Camacho Elementary's Top Dog this year.  So a little bit about me...
I used to be a carny. Then I retired and decided to settle down.
I was born and raised in the good old Windy City. Chicago. Chi-Town. Met my wife there and convinced her to marry me. To this day, it's my biggest accomplishment.
We have three little rascals who are a ton of fun and 4 fur babies (two dogs and two cats). I would have more, but Jaz won't have it. One of the little rascals, Madison aka Madhouse, is a Camacho Cosmo. I love spending every minute I can with all of them. Jaz and the kids are my inspiration, my muses and my everything. (I know, it's cheesy.)
I'm an entrepreneur and currently run a small marketing agency helping purposeful companies grow. I spend 5 days a week crossfitting and love to play volleyball.
When I am not with the family or pursing my dream of comedy or knitting scarves for the elderly or playing volleyball or saving kittens from burning buildings...I like to watch Chicago sports (Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks) and I love movies. All of them.
Fun fact about me...
I have 4 siblings. I am the second to the youngest. My older siblings loved beating me up and giving me nicknames. When I was two...they called me butterball turkey.  Because I had a potbelly and an outty belly button. I looked like the turkey was done.