PTA Reflections Program Info
What is Reflections?
Reflections is a contest to encourage participation in the arts, with a chance for students to express themselves while getting positive recognition for their artistic efforts.
Who can enter?
All grade levels may enter, preschool through 12th grade. One family member must be a member of PTA by October 31st.
What is the theme?
This year’s theme is “Heroes Around Me”
What are the categories?
Dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. There is also a Special Artist category for
individuals with disabilities.
How do students enter?
Entry forms can be found on the Camacho PTA website at Camacho.my-pta.org under the Reflections tab or printed copies are available in the Camacho library with Ms. Fry and front office.
How many times/categories can students enter?
Students may enter in one or more categories with no limit on number of entries in each category.
What are the rules?
Forms must be completed with all signatures and contact info requested, entry form must include a title and artist statement from the student, work must be from the student’s creativity (parent help not allowed), and each entry must be original work of one student (no group entries). Specific category rules can be found here.
How are winners selected?
A panel of judges will be formed after entries are collected and they will individually rank the submissions. After all results are tabulated, finalists will move onto the Council/District level. Participants and finalists will receive awards in the Spring.
When are entries due?
November 9th
Where should entries be submitted?
In the front office, in the box marked Reflections.